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Communication consulting agency | St Tropez, Fréjus, Saint Raphaël, Cannes, Monaco

A communication consulting agency specialised in strategic brand development

Our communication consulting agency located in the Fréjus - Saint Raphaël area was founded with the objective to support my customers in the strategic development and management of their brand. Unlike a large number of agencies that claim to be about 'communication' but which are ultimately only graphic design/web design offices, communica.plus is a genuine agency based on a solid experience in marketing strategy with large international companies.
Do you know the main strength of my communication consulting agency? It does not do consulting just for teaching you the already known reality, just as it does not do design just for doing design. Together with my clients, we develop communication plans based on a prior marketing audit to make recommendations that are in line with your brand's business model in order to conceive strong communication plans that will generate value over time.

Agency specialised in brand development and management

As in each industry, not all communication agencies are equal, likewise creative people.
Concerning my vision, I consider that the taste for risk and the power of creativity can raise the brand and propel it further.
Regarding my mission, I develop communication plans with my clients to embody strong values and reveal the pure soul of their brand.

Clients from my communication consulting agency are…

They are involved entrepreneurs facing increasing marketing pressures but who also know that it is imperative to question the existing and continually reinvent themselves. I dynamically collaborate with them for preparing their brand for the change, so the audience perceives it from another angle and feels - again - what makes it unique.
This is the reason why I seek to design controlled, solid and effective communication plans that will generate value over time.

Audit / consulting services.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, I go beyond this by suggesting strategies that are in line with your brand's business model and providing what only a contemporary communication agency can bring in the strategic development of your brand. Our communication agency offers companies marketing audit services to support them in their development strategy.

Audit / consulting services for brand positioning.

Do you need or want to (re)position your brand image? Thanks to my solid experience in marketing strategy, I will accompany you with your brand (re)positioning. I do not just provide simple analysis that reflect too often the reality already known by all of us but I suggest marketing strategies in line with the economic model and philosophy of your brand.

Audit / Consulting services for brand image development and management.

Do you wish to develop your brand? Via my agency, I support you in building your brand by developing strong and ambitious communication plans that will generate value over time and reveal the true soul of your brand. Based on a prior audit, I will suggest marketing strategies adapted to the business model and of your brand.

Creative services

Communica.plus offers its services for managing the creation of your website (HTML, CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop ...). Creative services for all types of companies: Veterinary clinics, restaurants, shops, clothing stores, hairdressers, garages, small shops, artisans, etc.

Internet web sites.

Do you need a modern and elegant website that will stand out from the crowd? Communica.plus is here to help you create the perfect website you need. I take the time to list my clients' needs and expectations to offer website creations that will stand out from the competition.

Creation of e-commerce / e-shop web sites.

Do you want to start selling online for increasing your revenues? My agency is at your side to create e-commerce websites that answer your needs and expectations. I'll propose solutions that will allow you to easily manage your accounts receivable, merchandise inventory and secure payment. Do not hesitate anymore; get your e-commerce by entrusting me with for the creation of your next online store.

Logos, brand identities, visual identy, branding.

My communication agency offers you its services for the creation of your logotype with its complete graphic charter (business cards, paper head, envelope, etc.). Communica.plus imagines modern visual identities for all industries. Give yourself the chance to stand out visually through the creation of an original logo.

Design of brochures, catalogues, flyers and other visual materials.

My specialised communication agency offers its services for the design of institutional brochures, promotional catalogues, flyers, and other visual supports. Contact me for more information about y creative services.

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